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An ethos of enhanced beauty
and a sense of certainty

A Cosmetic Institute that reflects an ethos of enhancing the beauty and a sense of serenity throughout the facility.

There is nowhere quite like Cape Town

There’s no wondering why Cape Town is considered one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world.

Arrival &
Consultation Procedures

– Anthea Dr Erasmus’s Executive assistant will welcome you on arrival requesting you to complete a general information document.

– On completion of the above, Dr Erasmus will then escort you to his consultation room.

– A serene minimalistic environment awaits you, to consult and enquire comfortably to ascertain the information you require.


A state-of-the-art Cosmetic Surgery facility designed specifically for plastic surgery and equipped with the advanced monitoring instrumentation. Necessary to ensure the safest possible operating conditions.

Our physician-anesthesiologist experts and nurses have specific training and experience in cosmetic plastic surgery.

Recovery Rooms

We got you covered in
our recovery rooms

Experience a space where recovery and procedure are equally important. Comfort, convenience, privacy, safety and a team of highly trained experts set a serene environment.

Over Night Facility

The Cosmetic Surgery Institute overnight facility allows you to experience a relaxing space where you can rest and recover from your recent surgery.

Dr Erasmus prefers his patients to experience reliable care from the specialised experts at the overnight facility, who are highly qualified in the care and recovery of plastic surgery patients.

Fully licensed and accredited, you are guaranteed the benefits of a medically controlled environment.

The team at Cosmetic Surgery Institute overnight facility maintains an unparalleled standard. Prioritising quality care and embracing the principles of empathy, ethics, excellence and empowerment.


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