Reconstructive Surgery

What Is
Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is another form of plastic surgery, it is function over form.

The objective of this surgery is to either improve function and or to provide the normal appearance to a part of the person’s body that has been injured. It is not so much what it looks like but rather what it does, and is necessitated by health requirements.

Scars & Keloids


The best time to treat a scar is as soon as possible, so don’t delay.

Wound support with tape or silicone dressing (CICA-CARE) is effective.

Creams and scar oils used once the wound has healed must have Vitamin A and C in them to be effective, and protection from the sun must be enforced for over a year.

In some instances, steroid injections will help with overactive scar production.

Trauma & Burn Reconstruction

Dr Erasmus has many years experience with a wide variety of defects ranging from hand injuries, soft tissue injuries to full-thickness burns.

Experience gained over the years working in state hospitals and burn units such as the Red Cross Children’s Hospital is never forgotten.

Skin Cancer

Because of sun damage during particularly childhood and poor sun protection, South Africans are prone to developing skin lesions and cancers that are removed by Dr Erasmus.

South Africans have an outdoor culture that predisposes us to develop skin cancers both melanoma and non-melanoma, and particularly on our faces. Primarily the aim is to remove the lesion or lesions, but using trusted techniques to cover the defects minimises the scars and deformations.

Hand Surgery

Dr Erasmus has many years experience in treating Congenital Hand defects, and fixing hand trauma injuries.

Congenital & Birth Defect Treatment

A child born with a defect is fortunately not aware of it as its parents are.

Dr Erasmus has worked with very many children and their families who have had to be operated on for HAND defects, FACIAL defects, SOFT TISSUE defects and is currently involved with OPERATION SMILE who take him around the world to operate on children with cleft lips and palates.


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