Cosmetic Surgery

What Is
Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a form of plastic surgery that improves a person’s appearance.

Procedures are available for almost any part of the body, however, the choice to undergo cosmetic surgery should be carefully considered and discussed with your practitioner. Aesthetic surgery is elective, it enhances your appearance and is not required for health reasons.


Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is surgery to increase breast size.

It involves placing breast implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles. The improved shape and size of the breasts is immediately visible post-operation.

Breast Lift

With the loss of volume or tone, the breast sags under its own weight, but it can be lifted into a better position and shape by a mastopexy. The result is, the nipple is higher, the upper pole is filled, and the shape is more youthful. In a handful of cases, this can be achieved with purely doing an augmentation.

Breast Reduction

A life-changing procedure for women who undergo a breast reduction and some of my happiest patients have had a breast reduction. The most common reasons for wanting a reduction are, not fitting into clothing, reduced ability to do physical activities, back and neck pain, and social discomfort. Ideally, you should be past your late teens before considering surgery, you should have a mammogram if you are older than 40, and your weight should be stable.

Liposuction & Liposculpture

There is no substitute for healthy eating, but if that does not work then there is liposuction.

Liposuction will physically remove unwanted fat. The amount removed will depend on the excess, but is limited to 5 litres.

Liposculpture refers to the removal of fat in smaller amounts in specific areas to sculpt a particular body part.

Tummy Tuck

Full Tummy Tuck

Post-pregnancy mothers and men who have undergone massive weight loss suffer the same undesired consequences.

Extra skin that does not return to its previous state no matter how much weight is lost or stretch marks below the belly button.

Stomach muscles that are pulled apart that result in a bulge when you sit up, an umbilical hernia or a potbelly when you are not actively pulling in your stomach.

A tummy tuck has been designed to give back a more pleasing shape, remove extra skin and fat and repair the split stomach muscles.


With the advent of waxing and shaving, prominent labia minora, and deflated labia majora have become more visible and subsequently, labioplasty has become more popular.

These can effectively be treated with surgical reductions or filling with hyaluronic acid and fat, to give a more youthful tucked appearance.


Brachioplasty is the term used for the correction of ‘bingo wings” or excess skin of the upper arms.

Combined Procedures

A good option for many patients who would like several areas addressed and prefer to do it all at once.

The surgical time is longer, and there are some limitations to how much and how long, but this will need to be discussed at the consultation.

Brazillian Butt

If a bottom is small or sagging, it may need to be augmented, and my preferred treatment is to liposuck unwanted fat from other areas to auto-fill the bottom. It may need to be repeated to get the best results.

Severe cases may need to have a Brazilian but lift, comparative to a tummy tuck for the bottom.

Popular areas for liposuction from top to bottom are arms, chest, back, love handles, tummy, saddlebags, thighs and knees.


Eyelid Surgery

Age-related changes in men and women that can’t be corrected with more conservative measures require a facelift. Typical changes are a drop in the brow, fat atrophy and ptosis (hanging) in the mid-face, lengthening of the upper lip and nose, widening of the jaw because of jowl formation and fatty ptosis, and hanging skin of the neck.

Silhouette Soft Face Lift Sutures


• What are they for?  They are a quick method of lifting skin of the face into a better position

• How long will it take to do?  30 minutes

• It sounds like a facelift, is it?  Yes. Consider it a minor face lift

• Don’t I need to go to theatre for this?  No, it is done in the rooms with minimal discomfort

Nose Job

The nose is the central feature of your face, and even the smallest change you will notice for years, and hence the reason why doing a little less and being more conservative is the best treatment in my opinion.

During the consultation, we will do facial analysis and determine what course of surgery will best benefit your face. After the operation, you will have to wear a splint over your nose for a week to protect it, and there may be some bruising, especially around the eyes….time for a pair of Bono sunglasses.

Neck Lift

Can be done on its own or in conjunction with a facelift. The aim is to create a better angle and remove excess skin and fat. Options available depend on the age, type and skin excess, but can also be a combination of different techniques.

Threads have become available to some patients needs, but often require liposuction at the same time. Most patients who enquire about their necks require surgical intervention.

Fat Fill

Restore volume lost with age, or change the shape of a cheek, brow, jaw or chin. This is a procedure that can be done on its own or in conjuncture with other procedures, such as facelifts or resurfacing procedures. To be effective I suggest at least three sessions of fat filling.


No surgery is complete without addressing the skin quality. Options include specific skin boosters, laser and peels. And of course BOTOX and Fillers.


I offer three options depending on the patients needs, and they include surgical elevation, simple brow skin excisions and threads.


Prominent ears, large earlobes and torn earring holes can be addressed with surgery from an early age.


Scars can often be prominent and were more so than on the face. I can’t, unfortunately, remove a scar completely, but will replace a wide scar with a thinner improved scar.


They are often easier to remove then what people have anticipated.


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